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Golden Calves

As a new player in Illyriad you don’t need Livestock. But established players need lots of Livestock – they use their hides for leather armor and saddles, by the thousand. Basic economics: there is a high demand for cows – … Continue reading

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The Soft Power of Alliances

Lots of people join an alliance which they hope will defend them if they get attacked. Others hope for free resources to be shared amongst members. These are “hard power” advantages – you get reinforcements, military actions are launched to … Continue reading

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When the World Zigs… Zag.

Often in Illyriad, you will be looking for the “most efficient” route to a goal. You choose your own goal (have a huge city, have a huge army, win a Tournament, etc.), and you work out the most efficient route … Continue reading

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Five Top Tips For New Players

1. Relax, and enjoy the gradual ascent of your empire! Often when I have played browser-based strategy games, there was quite a lot to do in the first few weeks. Then within 3 months either (a) there was so much … Continue reading

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Wisdom? What wisdom?

Being a fictitious character, and being of a race rarely considered intelligent (let alone literate), it might be thought that I have few wisdoms to share. That is, largely, correct. But having been carving out an empire in Illyriad for … Continue reading

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