Buy Low, Sell High

Illyriad’s Market (the small pile of coins icon that appears when you hover over the big pile of coins icon at the top of the screen) is a tempting destination for players hoping to make some extra gold.

If you can place Buy orders to get goods on the cheap, and then place Sell orders to flog them at a profit, that’s free gold, right?

Well, yes and no. If you’re tempted by this route, then here are a few pointers:

First, think about caravan capacity. You may not have many caravans, and they don’t have unlimited carrying capacity, so make sure you’re carrying expensive goods. Go for Advanced resources (weapons, armor, saddles, horses, livestock), not raw materials, as you’ll get more value per caravan load.

Second, look at the “spreads” – look at the differences between average buy price and average sell price in the market. For many goods, there is often not much margin to be had. It varies, but for some goods your actual profit may be less than 10%.

Third, be aware that for high value goods, people rarely want to accept a low priced Buy offer, when they could just as easily place their own Sell order and wait for a higher price. In the image of the Bow prices shown here, for example, it looks like the vast bulk of trades are Sell orders: picking up a bargain with a Buy order may take time.

So, you’ll need time and patience if you want to make this work for you. Keep careful check on the markets, and adjust your bids as prices change. Be on the look-out for a bargain, but don’t rush in to anything. There are good profits to be made here if you have the patience, but this isn’t a route to easy wealth, so be prepared to invest plenty of time and thought if you want to make this work.


About Kurdruk

Kurdruk is a fictitious character. Specifically, he is a fictitious Orc. Orcs are, of course, a fictitious race. And so, being a fictitious member of a fictitious race, it is unsurprising that Kurdruk lives in a fictitious land - Illyria. So it is no surprise that Kurdruk's great wisdom relates to life in the realm of Illyria - in other words, in Illyriad.
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