A Good Read

For a strategy game, Illyriad offers some pretty good reading. In fact, it probably offers better reading than most fantasy novels.

Some of the Faction descriptions are excellent. If you haven’t already found them, have a read through some – just see them as (very!) short stories. You could start with the Blood Reavers (though most of the Orc descriptions are excellent), the Lyrians, or Tenaril.

Or if you fancy a slightly longer read, try the three descriptions of the Fey Factions, since the three tell a single story. Just be sure to read them in the right order – start with the Sylvans, then read the Seelie, and then for the end of the story the Unseelie.

And then there’s the fan fiction, some excellent Alliance and player descriptions… but that’s a subject for another post….


About Kurdruk

Kurdruk is a fictitious character. Specifically, he is a fictitious Orc. Orcs are, of course, a fictitious race. And so, being a fictitious member of a fictitious race, it is unsurprising that Kurdruk lives in a fictitious land - Illyria. So it is no surprise that Kurdruk's great wisdom relates to life in the realm of Illyria - in other words, in Illyriad.
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