Blockade: Illyriad’s Most Underrated Tactic

Undoubtedly the Blockade tactic is under-used in Illyriad. Just looking at the stats on the Herald page, Sieges are more than twice as popular. In part that is because Illyriad has been so peaceful in the last year or so. Blockades are only useful in player-versus-player combat, which is rare, whereas Sieges are the standard tool to take over or just clear away abandoned cities, which is common. But also, many players, accustomed to less devious strategy games, simply look at the rules’ descriptions of tactics, without wondering how these could be used with a little cunning. Illyriad rewards cunning. Blockade is a prime example.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Lords of Frost have been involved with an unofficial mini-tournament of competitive blockading, the second such that we’ve participated in. And I’ve been swapping in-game messages with a few other folks who have used the tactic. So over the next couple of weeks I’ll be making a series of posts on the subject of how to use Blockades effectively.

The posts will be (titles will turn to hyperlinks when I post them):

  • The Black Skull Feint. Why Blockade is better than Feint.
  • Swarm Tactics. Why many little Blockades are better than one big one.
  • Turning War Into Gold. How to use the Blockade tactic to make warfare profitable.
  • Becoming a Bandit. How the Blockade tactic allows players to be bandits in Illyriad.
  • The Wolgast Feint. Cause confusion, disrupt trade, and lure your enemy onto unfavourable ground, all with the humble Blockade.
  • Blockade City Builds. What would a blockade-specialist city look like?

About Kurdruk

Kurdruk is a fictitious character. Specifically, he is a fictitious Orc. Orcs are, of course, a fictitious race. And so, being a fictitious member of a fictitious race, it is unsurprising that Kurdruk lives in a fictitious land - Illyria. So it is no surprise that Kurdruk's great wisdom relates to life in the realm of Illyria - in other words, in Illyriad.
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2 Responses to Blockade: Illyriad’s Most Underrated Tactic

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  2. Ciphas_cain says:

    I am glad you started writing again ( i started the game abouth a month ago and i foudn your blog , i read everything on it also i read every blog i could find but all i found on the forums are old and this one was/is the best so i was scared that you will not write any more …)

    I await the new articles with lots of interest .

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