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Law or War

In Illyriad as elsewhere, there are two ways to resolve a dispute: with recourse to law and/or justice, or by force of arms. I personally think that law/justice makes the game a more pleasant, welcoming, inclusive place to play, but whatever your … Continue reading

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More Home-Grown Entertainment

In the continuing tradition of making our own entertainment, SunStorm has set everyone a new challenge – a game of tactical and consensual violence. (And much kudos to SunStorm for organizing this!) The challenge is set out in the Illyriad … Continue reading

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Wisdom? What wisdom?

Being a fictitious character, and being of a race rarely considered intelligent (let alone literate), it might be thought that I have few wisdoms to share. That is, largely, correct. But having been carving out an empire in Illyriad for … Continue reading

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