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Law Codes

Whether it is, or is not, possible to resolve disputes in Illyriad through justice and fairness is something that will be decided by the biggest alliances, and so by the biggest players. If they want to resolve disputes through superior … Continue reading

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When Wargamers and Farmers Fight?

Illyriad is currently experiencing an unusually high level of in-game violence. One possible reading of this situation (which I personally believe to be accurate, but that’s an argument for the Illyriad Forums) is that this war is between those who … Continue reading

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Animal Movement In Illyriad: Look Deeper

A couple of weeks ago, the way that animals behaved on the map of Illyria changed. Instead of just popping up, animal groups started to move around, and grow and divide, like they are migrating and breeding. It’s tempting to … Continue reading

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Was It Really Inevitable?

When the current Tournament was announced, someone asked me who would win. Like most Illyriad-watchers, I gave the answer “Harmless will win”… but I then added, “80% likely”. Harmless? [H?] are Illyriad’s dominant alliance. To my knowledge they have only … Continue reading

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But We Can’t Win!

When the latest Tournament was announced, I had a few in-game mail exchanges with people who were moping that “we can’t win this – why should we bother trying?” (The more politically astute noted “it’s obvious who is going to … Continue reading

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Neighbours, Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Here’s a little Illyriad soap opera plot for you…. There was an unfriendly player who thought that he could steal from his neighbours, and beat up his former friends. He sent out his thieves to steal for him, and sent … Continue reading

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Culture Clashes

Illyriad’s developers are keen to point out that people can play in a multitude of different ways, and sure enough players take them at their word: most players take advantage of the fairly complex military options, but some build no … Continue reading

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